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You may need assistance with an owners corporation matter other than business as usual owners corporation management or changing the manager. Our unique consulting service is here to help. Stratablox provides a flexible consulting service to address the vast array of owners corporation issues that can arise on an ad hoc basis. 

Our consulting service is available to individuals, owners corporations and even strata managers.

Some of the services we can provide include:

Representing you at VCAT as a professional advocate.
Negotiating on your behalf at a meeting or in correspondence.
Being your professional proxy at a meeting.
Providing general owners corporation or strategic advice or a second opinion.
Strategic advice to achieve a desired outcome.
Conducting a dispute resolution meeting or conciliation session.

Please note that there are services by other third parties advertised as ’strata consultant services’. However, in reality those services are more akin to a strata manager brokerage service to replace the incumbent manager (ie. their business model is to obtain quotes from owners corporation management companies and if the client owners corporation accepts the quotation the strata consultant receives a commission). As we provide a strata management service ourselves, we do not provide consulting to owners corporations looking to change managers due to the clear conflict of interest such a situation presents.

Stratablox provides the following initial consulting appointment types:

60 minute telephone or video consultation $165 (inc. GST)
60 minute document review and email letter of strategic advice $330 (inc. GST)

What can I expect from an initial appointment?

During the initial appointment, we will listen to your situation, provide our views and give any general and strategic advice about your options. If applicable, we will make recommendations on how to proceed. If you require additional consultancy services beyond the initial appointment, a quotation for the provision of further assistance can be provided upon your request only. There is no obligation to proceed further and we do not under any circumstances hassle you.

Please note this is not a legal service. If we form the view that your enquiry has a direct legal advice element, we will advise you to contact a solicitor in respect of that part of your enquiry.