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Owners Corporation Management

Owners Corporation Management is the core of our business. We are re-writing the established model of owners corporation management through our expertise, ethical management practices and the best software systems.

Ethical Management Practices

We are restoring trust and confidence in owners corporation management whilst making apartment ownership and living enjoyable again.

We say no to insurance commissions, contractor commissions, associated companies and any other conflicts of interest. Our fees are refreshingly transparent and simple.

We are also saying goodbye to lock-in contracts because we know that meeting and exceeding expectations is the right way to retain clients.

Modern and Innovative Software Solutions

Stratablox has researched software options extensively and we are excited to deliver the best software available to our clients. All Stratablox clients receive the benefit of our partnerships with Urbanise Strata and the communications powerhouse MIMOR.

“As Strata Managers and Comittee Members are aware, technology has improved convenience across our lives so thoroughly that there is now an expectation that information should be easily accessible and available at all times.”

Shaun Meyrick
Urbanise Strata Business Development Manager

Urbanise Strata is cloud-based and integrates extensive management and accounting functions into one platform. This software is used to manage residential and commercial properties worldwide, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

MIMOR is a centralised hub for building information, alerts and moving procedures. Residents are able to conveniently book their move-ins and move-outs and book common facilities such as the pool, barbecue or conference rooms. Building managers or the owners corporation manager can also send emails and SMS alerts to occupants to inform them about maintenance issues and share announcements via the digital noticeboard.

“The beauty of MIMOR is it works at different levels for different audiences. The residents love it because all the information is located in one central point, everyone abides by the same rules and they can rely on SMS or email for important updates”

Jake Sharp
Founder and CEO of MIMOR

Move-in & Move-out Register

Take the stress away from move ins and move outs.

Building Information

Everything you need to know about your building in one place


Easy to use booking system for common areas

Email/SMS Communication

Keeping everyone informed in real time


Access the Noticeboard 24/7 to see what is going on in your building

All the features of MIMOR combine to offer residents a centralised platform for facilitating access to key information and residents’ use of common facilities, thereby improving the amenity of strata living for residents and dramatically cutting back inefficient emails and phone calls back and forth.